Fighting a fight that’s never meant for you

Being born in a family of no father is never the baby’s calling, taking me as if I applied to born orphan is going to take you anywhere dear uncle. You took me from my dearling grandmother promising her heaven on earth, you tried but she lise the breath in her you suddenly changed, you started showing me the beast that was in you calling me all sorts of names anyone else can imagine. You thought me lessons of my life by caning me 113 stocks claiming you were teaching had it been I was your own flesh and blood would you do such a thing on me?. From that day till now I still have you in my heart………. In this live if you don’t have anyone who keenly look after you, the only thing anyone could do is to focus on whatever you have passion for.

Am always running around the street stressful looking for who could fight my battle that I never intended to fight, all I see is bare land loughing at me as if I am not a fruits of a woman blessings from God. Blood really means to fight its own blood for no good reason just, “Light doesn’t exist without light but light exist without light”, an on my own facing a battle that is never meant for me an yet someone is just enjoying the way am surfering.

Published by Sparky Motex Hytez

Am a promoter and a videographer

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